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Scaling Scaling Science . A new approach to scaling is needed in which the goal is scaling up social impact for public good. Open access to this article is made possible by the International Development Research Centre (IDRC).

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Day 5: Scaling up to process large datasets using Hadoop/MapReduce on a larger copy of the Enron dataset. Day 6: You tell us! Get into groups or work on your own to analyze a dataset of your choosing, and tell us a story! What We Will Not Teach. R. R is a wonderful data analysis, statistics, and plotting framework.

This is because it is cold to the thought of scaling up ideas that could take one from symptoms to the root cause of a problem. Fragmentation of societal concerns to promote disjointed niche organisations underplays the need to build a robust civic space.

Guest posting is a process that we all need to be accountable for, and being able to see the detailed activity and status of each pitch makes accountability automatic. How to deploy the processes you need to improve accountability. Improving accountability is bigger than it sounds. It's the process of bringing about a cultural change.

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MOSFET scaling and miniaturization has been the key driving force behind Moore's law. According to experts in microprocessor design, Dennard scaling ended in the 2000s, so power density no longer scales inversely with areal density. At the 1975 IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting, Moore revised the forecast rate.

Perfusion, or upstream continuous bioprocessing, has been practiced in cell culture since the 1980s but with limited adoption. Increasing use of innovative technologies, turnkey systems, cell culture supplements and single-use assemblies has changed the paradigm, making perfusion cell culture a viable platform for continuous processing.

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CBB also has extensive experience in scaling up inclusion body recovery, solubilization and refolding at 500 L plus scale. Yeast expression system such as Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Pichia pastoris combine the best features of bacterial and mammalian expression systems.

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In an era of rapid global change, conservation managers urgently need improved tools to track and counter declining ecosystem conditions. This need is particularly acute in the marine realm, where threats are out of sight, inadequately mapped, cumulative, and often poorly understood, thereby generating impacts that are inefficiently managed. Recent advances in macroecology, statistical ...

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At UNESCO, we believe in the transformative power of education to allow girls and women to realize their full potential, chart their own future, and build better lives for themselves, their ...

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Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Scaling Up Excellence: Getting to More Without Settling for Less at Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users.

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THE COMMUNITY SCORECARD PROCESS • Tool for Participatory Monitoring • But also to exact Accountability and CommunityEmpowerment • Hybrid of – social audit, PPA/PRA, and citizen report card • ‘Process’ not just ‘scorecard’ • Emphasis on immediate feedback and reform • Flexible and adaptive – no one way to implement

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The two purposes are often posed in opposition. Participation and dialogue are required for wider learning, while independent external evaluation is often considered a prerequisite for accountability. On the two extremes, their design – models, process, methods, and types of information – may indeed differ.
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The Global Farmers’ Forum is an on-going, bottom-up process of consultation and dialogue between organizations of smallholder farmers and rural producers from all over the world, IFAD and our Member States.
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This video, one of a series of videos on the Scaling Up tools, shows you how to use the Functional Accountability Chart to ensure there is agreement and alignment on functional accountabilities ...
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